MADISON engineering, p.s. can assist industrial plant contractors, businesses, and operators in forensic energy engineering to investigate current energy consumption, heating and ventilation system capacity, indoor air quality and recommend improvements to procedures, equipment, and capital expenditures in a forensic engineer environment.

Litigation Support & Forensic Energy Engineering

When renewable energy systems fail to meet the manufacturer or design promises or become damaged, as forensic energy engineers, we can assess the cause of failure or loss.  Some of the failures or losses can be caused by operational or calculation errors, equipment failures, and natural occurrences.

If the failure becomes litigated, relying on an experienced energy expert with industry experience and background can make a difference in your case.  MADISON engineering understands energy conservation in the smallest technical detail, and the industry holistically.  As a forensic energy engineer,  Kevin Madison has testified in several cases in the past and is fully vetted as an expert witness in energy conservation and design cases.

Some of the previous forensic energy engineering cases include: