Jeremy Lerond

Jeremy Lerond, LEED GA

Jeremy Lerond is the Madison Engineering Associate Energy Engineer and Analyst

  • Development of a solar domestic hot water (DHW) calculation tool for eQUEST.
  • Development of a building compliance analysis tool in eQUEST for the Tunisian Building Energy Efficiency Code (BEEC).
  • Development of energy simulation models using a variety of software tools for new construction projects.
  • Review and assist with Madison Engineering PS consulting work to the California Public Utilities Commission in regulating California electric and natural gas utilities’ investments in energy efficiency.
  • Development and support of eQuest energy simulation software including interface enhancements, compliance ruleset development, customized output development and customer support.
  • Comparative research of simulation tools including eQUEST and Energy Plus to develop in-house criteria for tool selection based on project needs.



  • MS Engineering, National School of Engineering, Metz, France, 2011
  • MS Physics and Energetics, Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble, France, 2012
  • E.I.T, Washington State